The PAC that Wants to Overturn the Citizens United supreme Court Ruling

A political action committee by the name Citizens United is dedicated to reforming campaign financing in the United States. The organization had planned to funnel tens of millions in campaign funding to democratic candidates sympathetic to its course. It wanted to target candidates in both the Senate and House races during the 2016 election cycle.


The PAC officially launched in August of 2016 and managed to raise over $2 million from small donors in that same month. The group foresaw being able to rack up about $30 million by the end of that election cycle.


Its Main Goal


The goal has a final goal of passing a constitutional amendment that will reverse the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court in 2010. That ruling, according to the group, was one of the most damaging decisions to democracy in the US. It allowed dark money to flood American politics, giving corporations an unfair advantage over the common people. By August, 325,000 people had signed its petition. That number received a boost after it partnered with “Ready for Hillary.” Under the collaboration, the group rented out its email list, which had over 4 million people. The PAC announced that it had endorsed 11 candidates running as democrats. The candidates included Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet and former Wisconsin senator Russ Feingold.


Why It Is Different


Other PACs have attempted to push for campaign reform. However, the group’s officials feel that they are different since most other did not concentrate on trying to get officials elected. By backing candidates that can bring about reform, it hopes it can get voices in the house and senate that can stand up to End Citizens United. To achieve this dream, the group has set up an expenditure arm that will coordinate the backing of candidates financially.


Most Experts are Skeptical


While the PAC would also like to see reform at the state and local level, its main goal is passing a constitutional amendment. However, most experts in campaign finance are not confident that the PAC will succeed. For the constitution to be amended, it requires that two-thirds of the House and Senate agree to it. Besides that, three-fourths of the states must agree to it.


About End Citizens United


American politics has become permeated by dark money in recent years. Since the Supreme Court ruling of 2010, corporations are now recognized as people. That means they can give as much as their deep pockets allow them. That is an affront to Democracy according to Citizens United. They aim to get enough democratic candidates elected to both houses to fight for reform. In so doing, it hopes to end the era of mega corporations having an unfair influence on American political life.


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