View The Corpse Flower At Orange Coast College

At Orange Coast College in California, the corpse flower is on display for its expected bloom. The flower on display, called Little Dougie weighs over 30 pounds and is five feet tall. Listed as an endangered plant, the corpse flower originates from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The administration building will house the corpse flower starting June 28, 2017. Visitors can see the flower once it blooms and may stay until closing at 10 p.m.


As the flower blooms it releases a repugnant odor, similar to the smell of death. The odor caused by beetles pollinating and moving pollen from male to female flowers. Since the corpse flower is housed indoors, the Orange Coast College pollinates it by hand. The corpse flower is unique from other flowers because it takes a decade for its first bloom to appear, with the bloom only lasting 24 to 48 hours. In 2014, the corpse flower named Little John brought over 1,000 guests in attendance at Orange Coast College. While admission for viewing the flower is free, a $3 donation is encouraged and appreciated to support the school’s horticulture program.


The Orange Coast College in Orange County, California gives the opportunity of earning a two-year associate of art and science degrees. Certifications can also be earned as well as separate program classes transferable to a California State University or University of California. Established in 1947, Orange Coast College is now the third largest college in Orange County, enrolling 24,000 undergraduate students. Among college rankings, Orange Coast College ranks 65th out of over 5,000 community college awarding associate degrees. The community college also ranks third in California for the University of California and California State University transfers.


Providing quality college education at the affordable price of $46 per unit, Orange Coast College typically has 60 units in a two-year degree program. The community college remains accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Specialized accreditation has been achieved from the American Dental Association and the American Dietetic Association. As of 2008, the community college remodeled the Lewis Science Building and added a Starbucks by the new Art Center.


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Prekindergarten Program Protest

Eva Moskowitz is not only a brillant and intuitive role model for the women of America, but she is also the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools. Alongside of her journey to creating the 41 Charter Schools, Eva Moskowitz also happens to be a former councilmember of upper east side New York. In order to achieve these life long goals, Eva Moscowitz attended John Hopkins University, as well as the University of Pennsylvania. After years of studying and practicing, Eva finally reached each and every strenuous goal she set for herself.

Recently, Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy, (amongst numerous other Charter Schools in the area) won a heated dispute with New York City. The city made it a point not to regulate the pre kindergarten program in the Charter School. Which in return caused an uproar at the school, as well as in the community. During the dispute, Success Academy made it a clear point that the contract with the city was violating New York’s state laws. Therefore making the city go over the contact and laws again, meanwhile fixing the mistakes made.

Fifteen out of the 41 charter schools owned by Eva Moskowitz, offers the prekindergarten program to families in the local area. Each of this fifteen Charter Schools have a signed contract by the state of New York that allows children under the age of five to get a head start on their education. If it was not for Eva Moskowitz and her fellow coworkers, this wouldn’t have been possible for the children in the local area.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Caught Top Retailer Amazon

Before you can talk about any company catching Amazon, you have to look at how far up the mountain this retail giant really is. In the apparel industry, Amazon is pulling in close to 20 percent of all the sales in this space. With thousands of clothing retailers trying to make a buck, you can see how dominant they are when a fifth of every sale gets credited to them. Things may be about to get more difficult for Amazon as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics gains more momentum. In only three short years Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has sold $250 million in women’s workout apparel, and they appear to be growing in popularity year to year.


Hudson gives credit for the success of her athleisure brand to the sales process she uses called reverse showrooming and her rewarding membership plan. Though these two concepts are nothing new to the world of apparel sales, Hudson seems to have struck a very unique balance that has sales exploding and her client base expanding. Look for a moment at how things transpire inside the Fabletics stores at the local malls. The women shopping here are under no pressure to buy, in fact, they are window shopping, trying on all the active-wear, and even filling out the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. There is never pressure from the sales associates for these female shoppers to buy anything, so that begs the question as to how did this company sell $250 million in only 36 months?


The secret to the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has to do with what happens when these same customers wind up hitting the e-commerce store. Part of the benefits of being a member to this clothing company is everything you try on at the mall that fits your perfectly is transferred to your online account. Now when you have the time to kick back and relax, you can search the enormous online inventory for new arrivals in yoga pants, tank tops, or leggings. Since these customers already know the sizes that fit them perfectly, all they have to do is grab as many pieces of clothing as they like.


Unlike shopping at eBay or Amazon where you buy a piece, pay to have it shipped, then return it several times until it fits, the guesswork is eliminated at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Membership benefits also includes free shipping for all online orders, a personal shopping assistant, and deep discounts on all workout apparel.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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American Food Solutions Company OSI Group Honored With British Award

The British arm of the food solutions company OSI Group received a major shot in the arm on receiving the prestigious Globe of Honor Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council. This was in recognition of their excellent management of environment risks. The importance of this recognition can be gauged by the fact that OSI was part of a select group of organizations from around the world who were known to have displayed an extraordinary commitment to environmental issues.

As a matter of fact competing for this category of award was an accomplishment in itself, because an organization had first to obtain the maximum five stars mandated by the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme in the relevant period. That apart the participating organization also had to demonstrate their competence in implementing environmental management through the divisions of their business.

The well-deserved award was received by Kelly Grimwood, Environmental Manager Europe by Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council. OSI’s UK production happens out of Scunthorpe and specializes in producing beef and pork products for restaurants in the region.

The high success is pretty much in line with what OSI Group achieves around the world. In its home nation the USA it counts among the top 100 food companies of the country with a combined annual revenue of $6.1 billion. This Aurora, Illinois-headquartered company employs as many as 20000 employees.

This company has to operate under its auspices, a large number of meat processors that cater to the needs of the retail and food service industry. The products supplied by OSI Group include meat patties, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish, poultry and vegetable products.

For a family business started by a German immigrant in 1909 to reach the 58th rank on the 2016 Forbes list of America’s private companies is quite a saga of growth. Not only do they sell their products to some of the leading names in the food industry like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC, and Subway, but have a pan-global presence through their thousands of branches across the world.

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Kevin Seawright Is Helping Baltimore Residents Pursue Their Home Ownership Dreams

Kevin Seawright is once again working on new endeavors to transform the inner cities of the US and bringing lower income people into the fold. He’s proudly announced the rollout of RPS Solutions, a housing development organization that works with construction companies and real estate agencies to renovate homes sell them at more affordable prices in different neighborhoods.

Seawright wanted to start a company that was more inclusive and diverse in its client base, and he felt more could be done to bring new homeowners into Baltimore. One young man who Seawright used to mentor, Jerrel Brown can now buy a home thanks to the new program at RPS Solutions.

Kevin Seawright started out his professional career as a public accountant. He received his accounting degree from Alameda University and then started in small budget operations in the public sector. He became a Chief Financial Officer and budget manager for Baltimore’s departments including parks and recreation and public schools. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

During this time he managed more than $50 million in public funds and also helped reduce the expenses to the department by more than half-a-million dollars.

Later he brought CitiStat, an intricate software program to the public administrative departments that analyzed current department performances and helped officials make informed decisions about department budgeting and resources.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright left Baltimore for a few years and joined Tito Contractors Inc. in Washington D.C. where he started managing company finances, accounts receivable and other payroll functions. From there he joined the executive team of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President.

He was responsible for fund management and guiding the organization in construction planning and strategies. Seawright stayed with the CEDC for a year and then returned to Baltimore to start RPS Solutions.

He also graduated from Notre Dame’s Mendoza Business School with an Executive Leadership certification and is on the boards of the Babe Ruth Museum, the National Forum for Black Public Accountants and various youth sports leagues.

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Marc Sparks Talks About Why They Can’t Eat You

Have you read the book, “They Can’t Eat You?” It’s probably everything that Sparks could fit into a book at the time, and most likely a sorrowful exhale as he himself put it down. His love for helping other entrepreneurs isn’t just a love, it’s a true passion. Sparks knows all too well just how hard it can be to push through difficult times, but for every disaster and for every success he tells his story and how he worked to resolve problems along the way.


Secondly, Sparks ( ) also knows that starting a business is not enough. It is also important to create a company culture too. It is great when entrepreneurs start a business as they are successful out of the gate, but it is also great when someone shares a story about how they started a company in their own home, and how they struggled to make it work together. Sparks teaches on short-term goals as well as long-term goals, and what is needed to ensure that those goals come to fruition. The ability to build success quickly is great, but it’s also eye opening to read a book that talks about what made it all go wrong.


Sparks takes a bold approach in his book, sharing his stories about being in a poor financial position, and what he had to do to make sure that he did not stay poor. His ability to be open about his challenges and his worst failures makes him a great read for anyone that is fearful that they may not add up, or that they may not be able to get the funding they need to take the next step. Whatever the problem is, it is most likely that Sparks has had the encounter himself during his run as an entrepreneur.


Sparks portrays how hard it can be, and everything that an individual must do in order to have the success they truly desire. Sparks also had to get some extra prodding from his team to write the book, so that millions could read the story. While there are so many that can relate to failure there are also more stories about what it takes for individuals to succeed and maintain a steady course when success is in front of them.


Sparks is the founder of Timber Creek Capital ,a venture capitalist firm that he started out of his passion for being an entrepreneur and helping others do the same.




Wen Can Help You With Your Hair

Emily McClure is a writer for The Bustle, and she is also a woman who has worked in hair salons. McClure has an assortment of different hair care products on QVC for her naturally fine hair, and she is always on the lookout for a new product that can help her hair look more full and shiny. McClure deals with greasiness when it comes to her fine hair, so she is leery of certain products because she does not want her hair to look weighed down or messy. Since McClure had heard a lot of good things about the Guthy-Renker produced Wen cleansing conditioner, she decided to give it a seven day trial.

McClure found that Wen conditioning cleanser was a good product for women who have fine hair like herself. WEN left her hair feeling thick and full of body. McClure does recommend that the product be used and washed out every day because she found that if she left the product in her hair overnight, she would wake up with hair that felt weighed down and greasy.

Chaz Dean is the individual who came up with the idea to create a revolutionary cleansing conditioner. Many women use shampoos and conditioners in order to balance out the pH level of their hair. Dean wanted to be able to provide his clients with a all-in-one product, and since he was not able to find one on the market, he set out to create his own.

Dean worked in some of the most prestigious hair salons in the entire county of LA, and he was able to meet with some of the industry leaders to create a product that was truly unique. Wen conditioning cleanser is a shampoo, conditioner, and styler all in one. It is free of any unneeded dyes, perfumes, or chemicals. Wen conditioning cleanser is a cleanser that can be used on any type of hair, and it is a cleansing conditioner that has gained much popularity over the years.

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Dr. Akhil Reddy Collaborates with MB2 Dental to Offer Quality and Efficient Dental Services

MB2 Dental Solutions, a major service provider in dental services, brings quality in its network clinics. The service provider is known for providing various customized services and solutions to dental clinics across six states in the country.

It is found that most dental clinics are not able to offer services similar to professional institutions, and many of them struggle to find resources for office management which is critical in providing quality service. While hiring individual services, most of the clinics are not able to afford them or forced to choose inefficient services.

According to Crunchbase, this is where MB2 Dental Solutions becomes a grace for the dental clinics as it offers all the required solutions for a dental clinic at the most economical rates with consistent and professional services. The service provider offers a number of services such as human resources, compliance, credentialing, accounts and finance, marketing, IT, recruiting, billing and collections, training, procurement, and business development. Additionally, MB2 Dental provides Dental Practice Affiliation Opportunities, an exclusive option for every dentistry graduates to experience live environment before starting their practice.

It would teach the candidates how to handle HR and payroll issues, deal with legal issues, do marketing in a cost-effective manner, etc. MB2 also offers Dental Practice Assessments for evaluating various candidates to find their expertise. Currently, the service provider has more than 70 affiliated locations in Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

Dr. Akhil Reddy, a Texas-based dentist with professional dental services, is making use of the services offered by MB2 Dental Solutions. Dr. Reddy believes that his thought process of giving highest-quality services to the patients is exactly matching with the vision of MB2.

He confidently says that his collaboration with the service provider helped him to offer diverse solutions to the patients and drive efficiency in the services. Dr. Reddy is delighted with the hassle-free office management now, and he finds more time to focus on offering quality dentistry services to his patients.

Dr. Reddy has around a decade of experience in providing consistent and quality dental services to his patients in Fort Worth, Corsicana, Mansfield, and five other locations in Texas. He is specialized in General Dentistry and has expertise in Root Canal Treatment, Veneers, Crown, and more, along with cosmetic care services.

Dr. Reddy believes in creating a long-term relationship with the patients by providing excellent service. He completed his graduation in dentistry from the University of the Pacific before starting his dedicated career as a dentist.

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Alienating Sole Dentistry Practices Problems with MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental Solutions is a global institution that partners with dentists across the globe and contributes to the provision of dental services. The company provides office suites and services that enable the doctors to provide their services. However, the organization does not influence the standards or take control of the physician’s operations. The affiliated offices remain independent but can seek the help of the MB2 team in the efficient running of their facilities. The institution envisions a community where dentists focus their efforts on providing the best dental care to their patients. Additionally, through the provision of an affiliated team of experts, they help associated owners to get access to knowledge and personalized guidance that is key to running a successful practice.


It has based most of its operations across six states in America with offices in more than 70 locations. Their doctor’s loyalty is evident, and with their unmatched expertise, they continue to improve the careers and dental practice of several dentists. At MB2 Dental Solutions, they have a transparent approach to the handling of dental support tasks. They understand that patient care, and satisfaction is paramount to the success of the business. Therefore, they come in and help in all the non-clinical aspects of the practice. See, handling management, accounting among many related activities results to less performance in the clinics. Therefore, by undertaking these tasks, the dentists are freed to concentrate on health care provision. The carry out the process of acquiring the relevant credentials for their affiliated doctors, provide insight and performs audits ensuring the business stays informed and compliant. They have a team of experts in the IT department that keep the system up to date with the recent technology. When it comes to recruiting and increasing the workforce, they take potential employees through identification channels and match them with the right roles. The company takes charge of buying the necessary quality equipment at the best prices. Finally, during expansion, the MB2 Dentistry development team ensures and guarantees the growth of the business.


The organization was founded by CEO, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He started like any other dentist. Frustrated by the issues affecting the individual practice model, he set out to find an answer to the problems and consequently, founded MB2 Dentistry. Dr. Villanueva founded the company on the pillars of the positive traits of both the single and group practice. The company began in 2009 and today; it has employed over 75 employees.


George Soros Positions Himself as a Major Opponent of President Donald Trump

George Soros is a business leader and political donor who knows a little about the problems that can be faced when the right wing of any nation rises to the top of the political election list of victories; Politico reports the young George Soros only survived the World War II Holocaust after his father made the decision to invest in forged papers that hid the Jewish background of the family and was coupled with a decision to allow his son to live with a Christian family. Eventually, George Soros escaped his home nation of Hungary in 1947 when Communist rule had become oppressive for the future founder of the Open Society Foundations and forced him to leave behind his parents and seek refuge in the U.K. where he worked as a porter and waiter to pay for his studies at the London School of Economics. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

In 2015 and 2016, George Soros made the decision to back the candidacy of Democrat and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the U.S. Presidency, this decision was taken for a number of reasons including the close friendship he shares with Clinton and his distrust of President Donald Trump. Soros predicted the rise of Donald Trump largely because of the right wing groups he surrounds himself with and the rhetoric that was used on the campaign trail by the now President that Soros sees as racist. The major donations made to a number of groups fighting for the voting rights of minority groups and to get as many minorities to vote during the 2016 election cycle as possible; Politico also reports George Soros provided more than $25 million in funding for the campaign and Super PAC’s of Hillary Clinton that he hoped would bring the former First Lady to The White House with a liberal agenda Soros had discussed with her on numerous occasions throughout 2015 and 2016. Read more about George’s life story at

During the 2016 nomination process, George Soros explained his belief that an election victory for Donald Trump would do much to destabilize the security of the world that had been kept secure throughout the Presidency of President Barrack Obama. Soros himself was a vocal critic of the rhetoric of Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans throughout the campaigning season and feels his role as a leading member of the Democratic Party is to lead the opposition to the Trump Administration, particularly during the first months of the campaign as the Democrat’s seek to create a definitive plan to fight the rising influence of the Republican right wing in the Administration of President Trump. George Soros used the Democracy Alliance meeting that was held days after Trump’s election victory to bring together wealthy donors and begin the process of seeking a grassroots change in the U.S. political landscape towards the left.

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