The election campaigns in the United States have become an elaborate and fancy affair in the past few decades. The amount of money spent on the country’s elections can support some of the smaller countries for a few years. The big companies are ready to spend hundreds of millions in the United State’s elections to make the political candidate of their choice win the polls. It would help them get the favor they want to aid their business policies. The Supreme Court of the United States gave full freedom to the corporations and individuals to spend their wealth in elections as they will in 2010 in the Citizens United Vs. F.E.C. lawsuit. It made it easier for the wealthy entities to spend money during elections without any accountability, which has opened ways for the corporations to influence the population in the direction they want with the show of wealth.

However, some political activists and organizations are fully aware of what is going on and are protesting the Supreme Court’s decision on campaign finance rules. The End Citizens United is a PAC that has been raising concerns about the vulnerability of the U.S. elections due to its campaign finance rules since it was established in the year 2015. The ECU has been gathering the support of the everyday people and collecting money from the general public to support their moment. It is this donation from everyday people is what the End Citizens United would be used to fund the election campaign of the political candidates who are in favor of the same policies as them. The ECU feels only the political candidates whose interests are not aligned with the corporate companies would be able to put the benefit of the people above them or the companies.

Recently, End Citizens United announced that one of the political candidates they would be supporting is Conor Lamb, a Democrat from the 18th Congressional district. He has served as a marine in the past and currently serves as the Federal Prosecutor. Conor Lamb has an excellent record in the public service sector and has proven his mettle to work with the masses when he tried to make the relationship between the law enforcement agencies and minorities better in the community he is serving. Conor Lamb would be taking on the Republican Rick Saccone, who is supported by corporate-backed Super PAC. Conor Lamb is confident that the residents of Pennsylvania would look through the gaps to make the wise decision in the upcoming special elections.

See “End Citizens United begins GOP ditch drive” for more.

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