Daniel Taub is a great diplomat from Israel. He was representing his country in the United Kingdom. He served his term between 2011 and 2015. His tenure as a diplomat was marked by huge achievements for his country. He has helped his country Israel accomplish greatness in the four years he served. He left office having accomplished what many before him had not even attempted. He made the relations between the two countries bigger and better. Daniel Taub is a true manifestation of a diplomat who understands that his role is to represent his country at all times without fear.



Daniel Taub, an international lawyer, was born in 1962. He was born in the United Kingdom. He went to the school in London, Oxford and United States. He moved to Israel in 1989. His first role when he moved to Israel served in the national military. He was a medic officer for the army. He was later moved to the international law office as a reserve officer. His star would shine later when he was employed by the ministry of foreign affairs. He has served in the ministry in a number of offices. He has been into legal positions and diplomatic positions. As a legal officer, he has worked as the deputy principal legal advisor in the ministry of foreign affairs. He has also acted as an adviser to the team that represents Israel, in the united nation headquarters in New York and Geneva.



Daniel Taub achievements as a diplomat in the United Kingdom are visible to any person of Jewish descent living in the United Kingdom. In his term, the trade ties between these two countries became even better. Trade doubled from the point where he found it when he joined office. In just four years of his tenure, he has managed to achieve what others could not have managed to do.


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Daniel Taub also saw improvements in other areas such as business. The Jewish owned business in the country increased to over 3000. He also managed to establish other areas of cooperation between the two countries. Academic research and cultural interaction also benefitted a lot.



Daniel Taub representation of his country was also on the meridian. He appeared in television stations to give his opinions on various matters that were of interest to his country. London is a global media center provided him with a very good opportunity to express his views about various issues on a global platform.