The prison I am assigned to work has some of the most violent offenders in the state. Many of these inmates are serving lengthy sentences, so they usually don’t get concerted when time is added to their stay for violence. With a huge gang population in our jail, we find many of the more violent soldiers will try to hurt an officer as a way to gain respect with their brothers, so me and my team have to walk with our heads on a swivel every second in the jail.


In order to try and make our facility safer, my superiors commissioned Securus Technologies to install a new telephone monitoring system in the jail. The system that we have was outdated, and it required officers to be listening in on the calls manually. When trouble was detected, the officers would have to them reach out and we took action. Things have gotten easier now and safer with the help of the Securus Technologies call system.


Securus Technologies has 1,000 employees that are based out of the Dallas facility, and all work hard each day trying to attain their mission of making the world a safer place. The CEO of Securus Technologies, his name is Richard Smith, says that the system is so successful that it is already installed in over 2,600 prison systems around the country.


The LBS software is the key to the system, able to scan the calls the inmates make without an officer having to monitor it. That means we can have our team on the front lines and the more accurate LBS software is able to scan the calls and alert our team if anything related to gang activities, violence, drugs, weapons, or contraband happen to be mentioned. Now we all take swift action to lessen those threats once we’re alerted.

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