In 1947, voters in Costa Mesa passed a ballot measure which gave the officials the mandate to start a community college at a site which was previously a military base. The officials quickly converted the old army structures into a library, administrative offices, an auditorium, and a gym which constituted the educational facilities of Orange Coast College. Education at the institution started in 1948. Nowadays, OCC has over 20,000 students. OCC recently added a coffee shop and carried out renovations on its science building. Learn more:


OCC recently furnished a bigger recycling plant that they opened to the public. Construction of the recycling center took more than a year and a considerable sum of $7 million. The staff celebrated the facility’s completion at the recycling plant.


Almost four decades before the Adams Avenue project, there was a smaller recycling center at the college that offered recycling services. The new facility is nearly five times larger than the old center. The facility includes shower rooms, offices, and a meeting area. There is also enough space hosting other room within the structure. The recycling plant is open seven days a week. The parking lot is large enough to accommodate more than forty vehicles. Learn more:


Many people near and far from the recycling facility at OCC bring their unwanted materials and equipment for recycling. The materials accepted by the center include aluminum cans, tins, and glass containers. The other stuff taken include metal scraps and defunct appliances, including some plastic bottles. The facility also collects a range of paper products such as cardboard. For some of the materials collected such as HDPE plastic, the staff compensates the visitors. The facility also accepts recycling of old electronics, fluorescent lights, cooking oils, and old clothes.


The facility saves the locals energy and provides them with an adequate way to maximize their storage space while gaining some cash. There is a decrease in the pollution rate in the Golden State. Also, there is conservation of limestone, oil, and bauxite. It is an eco-friendly system that doesn’t destroy the environment.


OCC has remarkable facilities with modern technology and a variety of programs that make it one of the nation’s most excellent colleges. The college transfers more students than any other college to universities. OCC offers classes throughout the four seasons and has full accreditation.