Fabletics is competing with Amazon, and Jeff Bezos is looking for a way to overshadow his rival Kate Hudson. So far Jeff Bezos has become quite proficient in marketing and building what was once a modest online bookstore into a mammoth of a website that sells everything. This includes athletic clothing for women. The problem that Jeff is going to have is that Kate Hudson is running a company where she specializes in athletic clothing for women. This is only a small fraction of the business for Amazon.


For Kate Hudson lively athletic clothing for women is everything. That is where she has the ability to focus all of her energy because this is the only thing that she is trying to sell. That alone gives her a greater competitive advantage over Jeff and all of the other entities that he is trying to compete with Amazon. That may be the reason that he has continued to look for ways to change the outlook for his athletic clothing portion of the website.


Kate Hudson has already managed to gain on Jeff Bezos by creating a loyal customer base of consumers that are looking for automated shipments. This may not seem like a big dent in Amazon’s armor, but it is definitely creating more loyal customers for Kate Hudson and Fabletics. This may be the thing that actually helps people remember Fabletics. The great thing about this is that customers do not have to rome from one website to another looking for clothes. They know that if they sign up for the VIP membership from Fabletics that they will have the ability to actually acquire new garments even if they do not go to the website. This is an excellent way to improve customer loyalty and build a better brand.


Amazon has a lot of customers that do many different things, but Jeff Bezos has yet to master the art of creating a brand where people are getting automated shipments of clothes on a monthly basis. This is something that Kate Hudson has been able to do because she follows a business model that was already created by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. These are the other co-founders of Fabletics that have helped Kate Hudson bring forth a tenacious company that is ready to compete with any other athletic clothing brand out there. It definitely has been able to overshadow Amazon.