Eva Moskowitz is not only a brillant and intuitive role model for the women of America, but she is also the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools. Alongside of her journey to creating the 41 Charter Schools, Eva Moskowitz also happens to be a former councilmember of upper east side New York. In order to achieve these life long goals, Eva Moscowitz attended John Hopkins University, as well as the University of Pennsylvania. After years of studying and practicing, Eva finally reached each and every strenuous goal she set for herself.

Recently, Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy, (amongst numerous other Charter Schools in the area) won a heated dispute with New York City. The city made it a point not to regulate the pre kindergarten program in the Charter School. Which in return caused an uproar at the school, as well as in the community. During the dispute, Success Academy made it a clear point that the contract with the city was violating New York’s state laws. Therefore making the city go over the contact and laws again, meanwhile fixing the mistakes made.

Fifteen out of the 41 charter schools owned by Eva Moskowitz, offers the prekindergarten program to families in the local area. Each of this fifteen Charter Schools have a signed contract by the state of New York that allows children under the age of five to get a head start on their education. If it was not for Eva Moskowitz and her fellow coworkers, this wouldn’t have been possible for the children in the local area.