MB2 Dental Solutions is a global institution that partners with dentists across the globe and contributes to the provision of dental services. The company provides office suites and services that enable the doctors to provide their services. However, the organization does not influence the standards or take control of the physician’s operations. The affiliated offices remain independent but can seek the help of the MB2 team in the efficient running of their facilities. The institution envisions a community where dentists focus their efforts on providing the best dental care to their patients. Additionally, through the provision of an affiliated team of experts, they help associated owners to get access to knowledge and personalized guidance that is key to running a successful practice.


It has based most of its operations across six states in America with offices in more than 70 locations. Their doctor’s loyalty is evident, and with their unmatched expertise, they continue to improve the careers and dental practice of several dentists. At MB2 Dental Solutions, they have a transparent approach to the handling of dental support tasks. They understand that patient care, and satisfaction is paramount to the success of the business. Therefore, they come in and help in all the non-clinical aspects of the practice. See, handling management, accounting among many related activities results to less performance in the clinics. Therefore, by undertaking these tasks, the dentists are freed to concentrate on health care provision. The carry out the process of acquiring the relevant credentials for their affiliated doctors, provide insight and performs audits ensuring the business stays informed and compliant. They have a team of experts in the IT department that keep the system up to date with the recent technology. When it comes to recruiting and increasing the workforce, they take potential employees through identification channels and match them with the right roles. The company takes charge of buying the necessary quality equipment at the best prices. Finally, during expansion, the MB2 Dentistry development team ensures and guarantees the growth of the business.


The organization was founded by CEO, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He started like any other dentist. Frustrated by the issues affecting the individual practice model, he set out to find an answer to the problems and consequently, founded MB2 Dentistry. Dr. Villanueva founded the company on the pillars of the positive traits of both the single and group practice. The company began in 2009 and today; it has employed over 75 employees.