Philadelphia’s Lord Of Litigation: Karl Heideck

What Is Litigation?
Karl Heideck practices litigation in PAFor those not in the know, “litigation” is essentially the process of taking any type of legal action. When a pair of opposing parties initiates proceedings to defend or enforce a legal right, they are in the midst of the legal action. It is brought to a conclusion either by the two parties reaching a mutual agreement or by a judge or even judges making a decision.

Litigation also technically includes all actions before, during and even after a lawsuit taken to enforce a legal right. That could also include another lawsuit prior to any appeals, arbitration, facilitation or negotiations. The person who advises one on how to defend a legal case and devises the legal strategy to take is known as a litigator or licensed attorney.

Prior to that a litigator must study law and graduated from an accredited law school. Plaintiffs and defendants in court cases are both represented by litigators. Trial lawyers deal with legal actions such as discovery, investigations, pleadings, pretrial activities, and settlements.

Karl Heideck

Based out of Philadelphia, Karl Heideck is a commercial litigation attorney who specializes in compliance and risk reduction strategies. He graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in English and Literature. He also attended the Temple University Beasley School of Law and graduated in 2009.

With the above education and a decade of experience, Karl Heideck has garnered knowledge in such other areas as corporate law, employment law, legal research, legal writing, and product liability. He is presently employed by Hire Counsel. He has worked there as a contract attorney since April of 2015. Before taking that position, he served in a number of positions including a project attorney at Pepper Hamilton. It was there that his work focused on a number of different legal concerns including bankruptcy restructuring, construction contracts, government investigations, pharmaceutical litigation, and even white collar defense.

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